Cleaning Services

  1. Healthcare Facility Cleaning

We have a well-trained team of professionals with knowledge and understanding of:-

  1. Hospital grade disinfectants
  2. Dilution rates
  3. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  4. Colour Codes
  5. Infection control & Use of proper personal preventive equipment
  6. Correct segregation and disposal of wastes

    1. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    We offer:

    • Reliable and experienced kitchen cleaning staff.
    • Dedication towards utmost customer satisfaction.
    • Cleaning of:
      1. Kitchen floors.
      2. Cooker Hoods.
      3. Fixtures and Fittings.
      4. Walls.
      5. Cooking and cleaning equipment.
    • Effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products

    1. Plant room and sceptic tank cleaning services

    1. Highrise Window Cleaning

    Waste Management Services

    Proper segregation and appropriate disposal of waste is ideal. We take special care and ensure that we meet our client waste management needs.
    We also offer solution-based waste collection & disposal services. We use the following disposal methods:

    1. Incineration.
    2. Recycling.
    3. Biological
    4. Shredding

    Helkon guarantees:

    1. NEMA compliant lorries.
    2. NEMA approved waste bags.
    3. Experienced team.
    4. Professional and eco-friendly waste management.

    Hospital Catering Services

    We Guarantee:

    • Good quality nutritious meals.
    • Professional and knowledgeable team.
    • Prompt and courteous service.
    • High standards of hygiene and sanitation.
    • Reasonable and affordable prices.

    Patients Attendants Services

    We provide these essential frontline services within hospitals. We guarantee a team that is well trained on:

    1. Health and safety
    2. Patient experience services
    3. Front desk operations, etc.

    Landscaping, Gardening & Grounds Maintenance Services

    Whatever type of garden, landscape, or grounds you have, we design your ideas, landscape and maintain. We will recommend a specific maintenance plan to suit each client needs and offer contracts either on a weekly, monthly or less regular basis accordingly. These services include:

    1. Indoor Plant Maintenance
    2. Outdoor/Garden/Landscape Maintenance
    3. Hard & Soft Landscaping

    Theatre Fumigation

    Our professional team does sterilization of pharmaceuticals, operation theatres and wherever required to avoid site infections.

    We combine the decontamination process with routine servicing or on need basis inspections to minimize disruption to minimize the downtime of your facility

    We guarantee:

    1. Competent Technician
    2. Safe and Eco-friendly Chemicals
    3. Detailed reporting and recommendation
    4. Timely response